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Latvian Forest Company AB is a publicly traded, Swedish limited liability company that offers private individuals and legal entities the opportunity to invest in favorably valued forest property in Latvia. The main business idea is to take part of an expected rise in property values in the future. The present price levels in Latvia, compared to neighboring European countries such as Sweden, provide for higher possible returns than can be expected elsewhere in Europe when investing in similar assets. Property purchases are financed by attracting equity from investors through successive share issues as purchases proceed and operations expand. The shareholder therefore becomes part owner of many properties rather than one specific plot of land. This provides for low levels of risk.

For current share prices and other information related to the share please visit the Nordic Growth Market website.


Forest properties provide a long-term investment in a historically stable asset. Forest grows continuously and generates returns on a regular basis. No factories have to be built. No products have to be developed. Investor funds are invested directly in forest properties. Company activities generate the cash flow necessary to finance daily operations and cover overhead costs. Almost all costs are variable and arise in combination with activities that generate income such as thinning, felling and other forest management activities. Latvian Forest Company was founded in 2009 and a cost effective, well functioning organization, with proven track record of being able to purchase properties at attractive prices, has been established.


Forest property in Latvia increased in value continuously until mid 2008. During the international financial crisis of 2008 prices declined sharply. Prices are at present significantly lower than in other European countries. Many indicators show that the situation will continue to be favorable for investing in Latvian forest property and that investors can expect good future returns at low risk.


We continually carry out financing rounds. If you are interested in receiving information regarding investing, have questions or wish to  receive further information, please contact us here.

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